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Towards an Open, Tolerant, United Nottinghamshire

by Leon Duveen on 6 February, 2017

Today, Nottinghamshire Liberal Democrats are launching their Manifesto for the 2017 County Elections. The main themes of the Manifesto are A Greener County, A Caring County and A County which invests in the future. Speaking earlier, Leon Duveen, the Chair of Nottinghamshire Lib Dems said: “We are please to have a such wide range of […]

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Paediatric Care at Bassetlaw Hospital – Part 4

by Leon Duveen on 3 February, 2017

After the response from Mr Purdue (see Paediatric Care at Bassetlaw Hospital – Part 3), I was contacted by Mr Singh, the Trust’s Medical Director to ask if I had any further questions so I forwarded a couple of questions from the Facebook Group discussions to him: Why couldn’t the Trust use Nurses from Doncaster […]

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Paediatric Care at Bassetlaw Hospital – Part 3

by Leon Duveen on 31 January, 2017

Here is the response I received form the Chief Operating Officer at the Trust in response to my emails to the Chief Executive 31 January 2017 Dear RE:  Closure of the Paediatric Ward at Bassetlaw overnight Thank you for your recent email in regard to the Pediatric Ward at Bassetlaw Hospital. It is Doncaster and […]

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Paediatric Care at Bassetlaw Hospital – Part 2

by Leon Duveen on 28 January, 2017

Further to my post earlier this week about Paediatric Care at Bassetlaw Hospital, apart from writing to Mike Pinkerton, the outgoing CEO at Doncaster & Bassetlaw NHS Trust, I also wrote to Idris Griffiths, the Chief Officer of Bassetlaw CCG who commission and pay towards the Paediatric Services in our area,  and here is his […]

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Paediatric Care at Bassetlaw Hospital

by Leon Duveen on 23 January, 2017

The closure of overnight Paediatric Care at Bassetlaw Hospital is deeply worrying for many parents across our District. I can remember taking my own children into A3 when needed.  Knowing that we were just a few minutes from home and from friends and my wife & I could share spending time at my children’s bedside, […]

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In the last 12 months, nearly 18000 people have joined the Liberal Democrats[1], continuing a resurgence in our party since the 2015 General Election, our own local party has tripled in size Across Britain, we have had people join us who have never been in another political party before but want to fight Brexit, we […]

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Tonight I asked this question at the meeting of Bassetlaw’s Cabinet: This week, Jews around the world commemorate their wanderings for 40 years as refugees from slavery & oppression. What is Bassetlaw District Council doing to help today’s refugees fleeing war, oppression & slavery? How many families from the thousands in Jordan, Turkey and across […]

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A meeting of the local Executive Committee earlier this week, at Fourways Hotel in Blyth, approved the appointment of Leon Duveen as the Liberal Democrat Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Bassetlaw in the event of an early General Election. Leon has been active in the local Lib Dem party for a number of years, was the […]

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Report of conversation with Mike Pinkerton

by Leon Duveen on 23 May, 2016

As promised in my post on May 11th , here is a report on my conversation last week with Mike Pinkerton, CEO of Doncaster & Bassetlaw Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (DBH)  on why the Trust has had to suspend all Emergency Surgical Admissions at Bassetlaw Hospital. The simple reason why this service has had to be […]

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Why is Bassetlaw losing Emergency Surgery?

by Leon Duveen on 11 May, 2016

Like many people in Bassetlaw, I was concerned to read that Bassetlaw Hospital would no longer be accepting Emergency Surgical Admissions and that these patients would be sent on to Doncaster instead. Rather than rely on what was in the media, I wrote o Mike Pinkerton, Chief Executive of Doncaster & Bassetlaw Hospitals to express […]

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