Leon Duveen

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A meeting of the local Executive Committee earlier this week, at Fourways Hotel in Blyth, approved the appointment of Leon Duveen as the Liberal Democrat Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Bassetlaw in the event of an early General Election. Leon has been active in the local Lib Dem party for a number of years, was the […]

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Report of conversation with Mike Pinkerton

by Leon Duveen on 23 May, 2016

As promised in my post on May 11th , here is a report on my conversation last week with Mike Pinkerton, CEO of Doncaster & Bassetlaw Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (DBH)  on why the Trust has had to suspend all Emergency Surgical Admissions at Bassetlaw Hospital. The simple reason why this service has had to be […]

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Why is Bassetlaw losing Emergency Surgery?

by Leon Duveen on 11 May, 2016

Like many people in Bassetlaw, I was concerned to read that Bassetlaw Hospital would no longer be accepting Emergency Surgical Admissions and that these patients would be sent on to Doncaster instead. Rather than rely on what was in the media, I wrote o Mike Pinkerton, Chief Executive of Doncaster & Bassetlaw Hospitals to express […]

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On Saturday 12th March, the Liberal Democrats overwhelmingly voted for a ban on Fracking in England & Wales in a debate at their Spring Conference in York. During in the debate, I was able to give a short speech.   Among other thing I  said that “the reason I am opposed to fracking, and so […]

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Bassetlaw & Sherwood elect new Executive at AGM

by Leon Duveen on 30 November, 2015

At their AGM, held at The White Hart in Ollerton on Friday 27th November, Bassetlaw & Sherwood elected their new Executive or 2016. Leon Duveen, who was previously Vice-Chair of the local party and the Parliamentary candidate for Bassetlaw in May 2015, will be the new Chair with Stephen Ware taking over as Vice Chair. […]

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“If music be the food of love, play on” William Shakespeare, Twelfth Night Well not if you go to school in Nottinghamshire. Shakespeare’s words seem to cut no ice with the Labour administration at Nottinghamshire County Council. I have been told by staff & parents that the County Council are planning to cut these much […]

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Finally, Worksop gets its new Bus Station!

by Leon Duveen on 4 September, 2015

Well finally it’s here! Worksop’s new Bus Station has finally opened and now local bus passengers can wait for their buses in a dry warm area. I have lived In Worksop for over 26 years and can honestly say that the old collection of bus stops on Hardy Street were a disgrace. Since I got […]

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Why did John Mann let Bassetlaw down?

by Leon Duveen on 21 July, 2015

At the Election Hustings earlier this year, John Mann made a great play as to how he was independent mided and would always put the interests of Bassetlaw first. When I pointed out that if fact his voting record was that of a labour loyalist ( What you are voting for? ), he took exception […]

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Battered but unbowed

by Leon Duveen on 9 May, 2015

As you will know by now, I didn’t win the election last week.  Actually that is putting it mildly, it was a bit of a disaster for us here in Bassetlaw as it was for Liberal Democrats across the UK. However, although we are chasten at the verdict of the electorate, we are not giving […]

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Liberal Democrat Manifesto for Bassetlaw 2015

by Leon Duveen on 7 April, 2015

We realise that we will not be the ruling party on Bassetlaw District Council after the elections in May but here are the local issues we will fight to have implemented for the people of the area. 2 hours free car parking in all Bassetlaw District Council car parks. Bassetlaw’s shopping areas are having to […]

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