Empty Houses

by Leon Duveen on 26 April, 2011

After walking around the Ward for the last few weeks, I have been astonished by the number of properties that have been left empty, some for a number of years. I am not talking about houses, flats & commercial properties that are being renovated or are availabe to buy or let but those that have been left by the owners to just slowly rot away.  There are too many people in the area that need housing to allow this to continue so the Council should be using their powers to deal with them to stop them become eyesores, possible health hazards or being used as doss houses.

If elected, this will be one of my priorities to get the Council to take the actions needed to bring them back into use.  Even if I am not elected I will still work hard to do somthing about this problem.  To start with Iwill be compiling a list of empty properties in the Worksop South Ward so if you know of any please let me email me the address and (if known) how long it has been empty & the name of the owners.  Send these details to bassetlaw.sherwood.lib.dems@gmail.com and I will pass themm on the Council and keep you updated on any progress

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