The fight goes on

by Leon Duveen on 30 May, 2011

It has now been nearly a month since the elections and I have had time to catch my breath, take stock and get ready to carry on working for Lib Dems & for Worksop South.

I can’t pretend that the results from the elections weren’t a disappointment, both here in Bassetlaw & across the country, but there is no use in getting too down, as we still have work to do.

One thing the elections did show, is that Bassetlaw Lib Dems are now to be taken seriously.  We may not have got the votes this time but we are back on the political scene locally and will continue to grow.

On a personal level, I will still do what I can for the people of Worksop South and there are a number of issues I picked up over the campaign that I intend to follow up over the weeks & months to come.

Finally, I hope to have some good news soon about Worksop Bus Station.  We have had a meeting with Stagecoach East Midlands to discuss what can be done and what the cost might be.  Together we think we may have a plan for short term improvements until the funding for a complete new Bus Station can be found.

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