What are Labour up to now?

by Leon Duveen on 23 March, 2012

Last night I came across this letter from Cllr Barry Bowles in a the Worksop Guardian from 09/03/12 http://www.worksopguardian.co.uk/community/readers-letters/petition-is-pointless-1-4330532.

For me the telling passage in the letter is:

Re: a Worksop Bus Station – At the meeting of Carlton Parish Council on 14th February 2012, Labour County Councillor Alan Rhodes informed the council that agreement had been reached at a Notts County Council meeting that very day that a bus station WAS DEFINITELY to be built in Worksop but he was unable to divulge the location.

Also, while with a group of county councillors on 15th February I was informed by Labour County Councillor for Mansfield North, Parry Tsimbirdis, that agreement had been reached the day before and Worksop was to have it’s “long awaited” bus station.

It is, therefore, a pointless exercise for Mr Mann to organise a petition on a matter that has already been agreed! Is he really struggling to fill his column?

While I disagree with Cllr Bowles on the issue of the petition being a waste of time, we need to keep up the pressure on both the County & District Council, if what he has said is true then why has there been no public announcement.   Cllr Pressley’s response to me at Council on March 5th gave no hint of that the deal was already done.  Could it be that the Labour Party are keeping it for the election campaign and to show what a “success” John Mann’s petition has been?     If this is the case then they really are taking us for fools and making the whole issue one of party politics.  This is possible a new low even for the local labour Party

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