Press Release – Worksop demands a Bus Station!

by Leon Duveen on 25 March, 2012

Here is the text of the press release that Bassetlaw & Sherwood Lib Dems have issued after the Public Meeting on Saturday 24/03/12

On Saturday, over 40 concerned residents of Worksop came to a Public Meeting held at The Salvation Army Hall to demand a new Bus Station for the town.  The meeting, called by Bassetlaw & Sherwood Lib Democrats, was to let the public know how the campaign to get a new Bus Station is going and to show the County Council and the District Council that the people of Worksop are fed up waiting and being fobbed of with excuses, they want a new bus station now.

Although representatives of both Councils were invited, they did not show up. Cllr Richard Jackson, the County Cabinet Member for Transport & Highways sent an email apologising and giving details of some of the work they are already doing on the Bus Station project.  Stagecoach were also invited were unable to send anyone. Dave Skepper, the Commercial Director of Stagecoach East Midlands sent an outline of their position on the Bus Station and their willingness to vacate the Hardy Street if a replacement facility was part of the deal.  The town’s MP John Mann was also invited but could not attend due to a prior engagement.

The meeting heard from Leon Duveen (the local Lib Dem Campaign Manager) that the town had been waiting too long for a new Bus Station.  Although he had no firm news about when the new Bus Station will be built, he passed on the message from Cllr Jackson that the County Council “have had a very positive constructive meeting with Bassetlaw DC to progress this and . . . are working hard behind the scenes to acquire property and finalise a design.  We have budgeted for design work which we are already carrying out”.  Mr Duveen also referred to the letter in the Worksop Guardian from March 9th from Barry Bowles, Chair of Carlton Parish Council in which Mr Bowles wrote that two Labour County Councillors claimed that there was an agreement to get the Bus Station built in mid-February (see  This was a week before John Mann launched his petition aimed solely at the County Council (and as a rival to the one already launched by the local Lib Democrats).  Mr Duveen added “Those with a cynical mind may think that it was a political stunt to show that the petition by Labour had been successful.  I will leave you to make your own minds up.”

The meeting was then opened to comments from the floor and a lively debate followed.    All agreed that a new Bus Station was long overdue and that the current line of shelters on Hardy Street was dangerous to both other road users and to those waiting for buses.  There was also a discussion on where a new Bus Station could go and how to keep the pressure on the Councils to deliver.  One of the comments was that the political parties should work together and not score points over the issue, a sentiment Mr Duveen agreed with. He expressed his regret the other parties appeared to refuse to work with the Lib Democrats on the Bus Station Campaign.

Leon Duveen – Campaign Manager, Bassetlaw & Sherwood Lib Dems

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