Launching Our Election Campaign in Worksop South

by Leon Duveen on 4 April, 2012

As you will have realised by now, there are elections coming up next month.  This week I submitted my nomination forms to the Returning Officer to stand as a candidate in Worksop South.  I hope to be elected and to have the honour of serving you as your representative on Bassetlaw District Council.

During the last 18 months or so that I have been actively campaigning in the Ward, I have already seen some of the differences that Lib Dems can make, houses empty for years being brought back into use, plans for a new Bus Station seem to becoming a reality, other parties realising that they need to up their game (last week I saw the rare sight of 5 Labour Councillors out canvassing on the St Anne’s Estate; talking to some residents there, this is unheard of before),

Unlike the other parties Lib Dems campaign all through the year, so for us, an election campaign means doing more of what we do all through the year, delivering leaflets, knocking on doors, talking to you the voters.  This is because we represent only one vested interest group, you the voters.  Unions don’t tell us what to do, big business doesn’t fund us with the expectation  of something in return, we put you at the centre of our focus and this is what I hope to do if you elect me as your councillor.

In the next week or so, you will receive my Election Address, but here what I promise to do if elected:

  • Keep working for a new Bus Station for the Town
  • Propose a Town Council for Worksop
  • Fight to keep the ticket office at the Train Station open
  • Donate 5% of my allowance to a charity in the Ward
  • Work for you and the ward before party

Please keep a record of these promises and I want you to hold me to account if I fail to meet them.

This year, choose a better future for you, for Worksop South, for Bassetlaw –

on May 3rd, vote for Leon Duveen

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