Tory Candidate “disgusted” at being called a Conservative

by Leon Duveen on 7 April, 2012

Alec Thorpe, the Conservative Party Candidate for Worksop South  has written to the Worksop Guardian this week (06/04/12)  to say, and I quote, “As an ordinary member of the public I find it disgusting that I can be named in your newspaper as a Conservative . . ”

As Alec has stood for the seat at least twice before as the Conservative Candidate, I am at a loss as to why he is disgusted at being linked with the party he hopes to represent on the Council.

I can reassure everyone I am not, and will never be, disgusted to called a Liberal Democrat.  I am proud to represent a party willing to work hard for the good of the Country and I hope to do the same here in Bassetlaw.

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