Update from the campaign in Worksop South

by Leon Duveen on 19 April, 2012

As you will all know, the weather this week has not been very good.  However, in spite of this I am still trying to get out to meet as many of you as possible before the election on May 3rd.

From the feedback I have got when out canvassing last week, we are in with a real chance of pulling of an upset in Worksop South.  Many of those I canvassed have told that they are fed up with the Tories & Labour always squabbling with each other and putting scoring party political points before what is best for the Bassetlaw, Worksop and, most of all, you.

Before you go to vote on May 3rd, I would ask you to take the time to consider which of the candidates can best represent you on the District Council.

Do you want a Tory candidate who is disgusted at being named a Conservative, a Labour candidate who has always followed the party line before the interests of the Ward or a Liberal Democrat candidate who has promised to work for you and put your interests first before anything else?

Labour have been trying claim the credit for developments that were started under the previous administration and for saving services that were never threaten (despite the scare stories they put out).  The Tories are running a silent campaign.  The only candidate that will stand up for you is me, the Liberal Democrat.

I will stand up for you, work to make a new Bus Station a reality, work to bring a Town Council to Worksop so we can have local people running our town and, most of all work to improve the Ward for you.

Together we can make history, the first Liberal Democrat to represent a Worksop ward this century, it is time to make a difference so vote Lib Dem,

Vote Duveen

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