An eventful weekend in the Worksop South campaign

by Leon Duveen on 29 April, 2012

Are Labour worried?

This has been a quite an eventful weekend in the campaign.  Firstly we had a great day yesterday delivering leaflets around parts of the ward with help from fellow Lib Dems from across Nottinghamshire and also from Bolsover.  This meant we were able to get most of the Ward covered in one afternoon!  If you haven’t had the leaflet yet, don’t worry we will get to you before election day on Thursday, meanwhile you can read it on line at Worksop South Election Special.

The leaflet has created quite a stir as firstly a typo in the version sent to the printers lead to John Mann picking up half a sentence to claim we don’t talk to voters at elections .  As I wrote in other posts earlier today (John Mann gets it wrong, again and  John Mann gets it wrong, again – Correction), this was, I suppose, pay back for me poking fun at the typo in the Labour leaflet and also pointing out the post on John Mann’s web site dated December 2012 (see  If it meant more people read the leaflet, then no harm was done

Even more excitement this evening when I was phoned by the Labour Party Agent concerning the story in the leaflet highlighting that Labour were thinking about changing to having a Mayoral system for Bassetlaw I had been told about the proposal by two independent sources so I stand by it completely but I have also added Cllr Wynne’s rebuttal to the posts in the interests of fairness.

All this make me wonder that f they are so rattled by one leaflet, are Labour getting worried about holding on to Worksop South.  They certainly haven’t put much effort into the Ward to win votes (to be fair neither have the Tories).  Maybe up to now they just take the voters for granted,  maybe there is an upset on the cards on Thursday night?  Lets hope so.

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