John Mann gets it wrong, again

by Leon Duveen on 29 April, 2012

John Mann is up to his normal tricks, misquoting & misrepresenting his opponents.  He has just put out a tweet which misquotes my final Election leaflet, being delivered around Worksop South before the election (read it on line at Worksop South Election Special – 120430).

How sad that he has to resort to such tactics.  I suppose I should have expected it after my poking some fun at the mistakes made in the Labour Election leaflets (Labour vow NOT to bring services to Bassetlaw Hospital!) and on his own website .  Never mind, the voters of Worksop South know which is the only party & candidate that gets out to leaflet & canvass them all through the year, they know which party is talking with them about problems they have, they know which party puts them first.

Maybe Labour are getting worried about the outcome on Thursday or maybe John Mann has nothing better to do on a wet Sunday afternoon, all I know is I am working hard to win this election for the people in Worksop South.

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