Response from EMAS to my letter

by Leon Duveen on 18 August, 2012

As promised here is the response from Phil Miligan to the letter I sent on earlier in the week (see EMAS Reorganisation).  As requested, Mr Miligan has provided much of the detailed information I requested in two attachments, one which gave the breakdown of the response statistics across the region over the last 6 months, broken down by Postcode areas, and the second a map of where the proposed TDPs (Tactical Deployment Points, where Emergency Response Vehicles will be stationed most of the time).  I have put both documents on Google Documents in EMAS Review for you to read.  I have extracted the local details which you can read here the response times for the Bassetlaw Postcodes in the last 6 months and the map of proposed TDPs in Nottinghamshire.  As is to be expected at this early stage of the review, Mr Miligan is unwilling to give guarantees about the number of vehicles to be stationed in Bassetlaw, but I am reassured by his comments that he hopes that the planned changes will improve response times (which is more important than where the vehicles are parked up) not make them worse.

After reading Mr Miligan’s response, there are two observations I would like to make.  Firstly, as I have been saying all along, the change from fixed Ambulance Stations to Hubs & TDPs will NOT mean there are no Emergency Response Vehicles stationed in Bassetlaw.  The Labour Party, as is often the case, have been misleading the public and scaremongering about ambulances having to come from King’s Mill.  The map of proposed TDPs shows clearly that EMAS are planning to station vehicles in the District.  The second, and more important one, is that the average for responding to emergencies in Bassetlaw is worrying low.  In the case for responding to “immediately life-threatening calls” within 8 minutes, the percentage of times this target is hit is only just over 61% instead of the national target of 75%.  As Mr Miligan has promised these statistics will be produced every six months, I look forward to an improvement in these figures.

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  1. David Dobbie says:

    What is important is improving this poor meeting of response time in Bassetlaw and hence providing a better quality service to the residents of Bassetlaw.

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