Nottinghamshire deserves better

by Leon Duveen on 30 September, 2012

Next year, there will be elections for who you want to represent you on Nottinghamshire County Council.

The County Council runs most of the services you come into contact every day, from roads & public transport through social care for the old & disabled to education for young people.  All are controlled through the County Council so making sure you get the right person to represent you on the Council is important.

Over the years both Labour & the Conservatives have had turns at running the County Council yet nothing much changes here in Worksop.  Our local secondary schools are amongst the worst in the County, our public transport needs investment (even getting a decent Bus Station only happened after  the local Lib Dems started to campaign and shamed the other parties into action), the residents parking scheme  is expensive and badly run.  In truth you deserve better, you deserve a County Council that is run for the benefit of the people who elected it and you deserve to be represented by a County Councillor who takes time to talk to you and listens to what you have to save.  In short a Liberal Democrat Council & a Liberal Democrat Councillor.

Over the coming months, we will be laying out our plans for how we would run the County but one promise we will make to the people of Worksop is that, if elected, a Liberal Democrat Councillor won’t just be holding regular surgeries and wait for you to come to them, they will continue to be out on the streets, meeting you and listening to you, to find out what you think about the local issues.  You can follow us on Facebook at Lib Dems for Nottinghamshire 2013.

We look forward to working with you and for you to make Nottinghamshire & Worksop better

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