Plans for the new Worksop Bus Station

by Leon Duveen on 27 February, 2013

I am sure that, like me, many of you were unable to get to see the County Council display of the proposals for the new Bus Station when they when it Worksop Bus Station - Artists Impressionwas exhibited last weekend in town.  I have contacted the County Council and asked for a copy of the display which I have put on to my Google Drive at Worksop Bus Station Panels A1 v3.pdf,

If you wish to send me any comments about the plans, I will make sure they are forwarded on the the County Council


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  1. Dan Sellers says:

    Hi there,

    I have just had a look at the information panels for the new bus station on your website. I would like to have visited the exhibition and have e-mailed Nottinghamshire County Council about it, but never got a reply. Now I’ve had a look around the exhibition boards, I like the design of the planned corner building and feel it is a very attractive design that harks back to 1930s art deco architecture like the original Worksop library and some London Underground stations. The site is located within the Worksop town centre conservation area and it is important that the new development makes a positive contribution to the character of the area.

    I used to go to North Nottinghamshire College’s Newcastle Street annexe (now closed) and comprehensive redevelopment has taken place in the 10 years since I left; the new Crossing church hub – a very attractive modern building but one that fits into its older surroundings – and the new flats and Acorn theatre at Queen Street.

    It is important that the new building should be sympathetic to its surroundings and I’m confident this has been addressed. The proposals look to improve this key gateway location – a great improvement on the vacant overgrown plot and advert hoardings currently occupying the site.

    The new library is a well-designed building that combines traditional materials with modern green features and has improved the former cattle market site that had been vacant for years.

    From Dan.

  2. Leon Duveen says:

    Thanks for your thoughtful comment, I will pass it on to the County Council.


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