EMAS Reorganisation – latest proposals

by Leon Duveen on 6 March, 2013

As usual an important document in the proposed re-organisation has been produced and it has taken a couple of emails to EMAS to get a copy.
There is a new proposal as to how EMAS will reorganise the Ambulance Stations (there is a copy here – Update on the Latest Proposals for the EMAS Estate.pdf) which seems to be a hybrid with less Hubs, keeping some Ambulance Stations and still using the Community Ambulance Stations (CAS).  It is not clear form this proposal if vehicles stationed as CASs will go back to the local Ambulance Stations or the Hubs for shift changes.  I have written again to get this clarified and also to get a list of where the CAS will be.

As always I will try to keep you updated

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