A message from Leon Duveen, the Liberal Democrat Candidate for Worksop West.

by Leon Duveen on 5 April, 2013

On May 2nd, you will have the chance to choose who will represent you on the County Council.  As you can see from our manifesto opposite, by choosing to elect a Lib Dem, you will get someone who will work hard for you, your community and for Nottinghamshire.

Since getting involved in local politics 2 years ago, I have been successful in a number of campaigns.

–        The new Bus Station for Worksop is now becoming a reality, a campaign I took up after the issue was raised with me.

–        My asking questions about Empty Houses with the local Council has meant that they have started to take the issue seriously and we can see some (but not enough) being brought back into use as family homes.

–        Just recently, I have been talking to Tesco & Sainsbury about why we pay more for petrol in Worksop than elsewhere and, suddenly, petrol prices go down.

I am not claiming that credit for all of this is just down to me but by getting these issues into the public eye, I have helped create the pressure that gets these issues addressed.  If I can do this when just a local campaigner, just think what I will be able to achieve as a County Councillor.

If elected, I pledge to carry on working for you, for Worksop, for Bassetlaw and for Nottinghamshire.


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