Less than 2 Weeks to Go

by Leon Duveen on 21 April, 2013

It’s less than 2 weeks to polling day now and I am beginning to wonder of my feet & legs are going to make it through to the count on May 3rd.  Since Easter there has only been a couple of days when I haven’t been out somewhere in the area delivering or talking to people about the election.

What is keeping me going is the great response I have been getting from the people around the Worksop West area when I stop to talk to them about the election.  Time after time I am told that it is the first time that any candidate has bothered to take the time to chat with them hear what they have to say.  Even some  die hard, closed mind, Labour supporters have stopped attacking the Lib Dems as traitors and have taken the time to talk and discuss the issues, local & national, with me.

As I go around, what stricks me  is the lack of campaign from the other parties.  I saw a bunch of Labour Councillors 2 weekends ago out canvassing (it seems it takes 5 Labour Councillors to do what 1 Lib Dem campaigner can do, there is a message in there somewhere) and I saw 1 solitary Conservative leaflet poster yesterday.  Apart from that and seeing a few leaflets through letter boxes, I have hardly seen any evidence of the other parties making an effort to get in contact with the voters.

From my conversations with voters (and not all Lib Dem supporters) they acknowledge and appreciate that we are out all through the year with leaflets and getting to know people and the area.  They realise that Labour seems to take the voters for granted and that the Tories are only making a token effort.   It is only the Lib Dems that are willing to work hard and keep in contact with the people we want to represent.

Finally, can I thank all those that have taken the time to help with our campaign, from walking around delivering leaflets to helping proof read the content it has all been a great help and i really appreciate the time and effort made to help get me elected.  If we can keep this up for the next 10 days or so, we will achieve a fantastic result at the ballot box.  So please ignore those aching feet or dog bites and keep working  to give Worksop West its first Lib Dem County Councillor.

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