UKIP and Tories fail to support European Parliament report calling for end to violence against women.

by Leon Duveen on 26 February, 2014

bill-newton-dunn-in-eu-parliamentYesterday in the European Parliament, MEPs voted on a key report drafted by the Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality which called for the eradication of violence against women, in particular an end to female genital mutilation.

The important report which seeks to eliminate gender-based violence, calls on the European Commission to develop an EU-wide strategy to combat all forms of violence against women and girls, and urges the member states to develop and enforce national legislation which criminalises all forms of violence against women, as well as providing education and shelter to victims.

Conservative and UKIP MEPS, including Roger Helmer, UKIP’s MEP in the East Midlands failed to support the proposals, choosing instead to vote against or abstain on this vital report.

Bill Newton Dunn, Liberal Democrat MEP for the East midlands commented:

“I think it is absolutely disgraceful that both UKIP and the Conservatives have failed to support this important report which will be a big step forward to preventing gender-based violence”

“Violence against women is not just limited to the borders of Europe and is rife throughout third countries in which the continued use of sexual violence against women as a weapon of war and female genital mutilation continues; their failure to support the eradication of these crimes is despicable and demonstrates their inhuman lack of support for equality.

UKIP in particular are continually demonstrating themselves as a party that are disconnected from the values of the present day, failing to support legislation in the European Parliament that fights for gender equality and human rights of individuals.

It is dangerous to think UKIP has garnered any support at all with these cave-man views, let alone from women when it has been evidenced that UKIP fails to show their support to prevent such awful gender-based crimes.”

“I’m very shocked at how the Conservatives have voted- it once again shows them pallying to the right-wing of their party, and increasingly under influence from UKIP”

Details of the report:

Results of the votes, with voting patterns can be found here under the Tuesday 25th February

Minutes ‘Roll call votes’:

Details of votes:

On the whole content of the report (Key text of legislative INI report: Asks Commission to present a proposal based on the annex of this report)


: Andreasen, Ashworth, Atkins, , Bradbourn, Cabrnoch, Callanan, Campbell Bannerman, Chichester,, Deva, Elles, Foster, Fox, Harbour, Kamall, Karim, Kirkhope, McClarkin, Nicholson, Stevenson, Sturdy, Swinburne, Tannock, Yannakoudakis,


EFD: Agnew, (The Earl of) Dartmouth, Helmer, Nuttall

Recital AL (FGM – Female Genital Mutilation – Member States with legislation on this should act)


EFD: Helmer, Nuttall

Text of recital AL in which Helmer abstained:

AL. whereas there is a continuing need for the EU to work with third countries to eradicate the violent practice of FGM; whereas those Member States and third countries with national legislation criminalising FGM should act on this legislation;

*The content of the report, and the results of the roll-call votes can be downloaded here.

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