East Midlands Liberal Democrats Candidates for European Elections

by Leon Duveen on 28 April, 2014

East Midlands Liberal Democrats have nominated a full slate of five candidates for the European Elections on May 22 2014: Bill Newton Dunn MEP, Issan Ghazni, Phil Knowles, George Smid and Deborah Newton-Cook.


Candidates Deborah Newton-Cook, Phil Knowles, George Smid, Bill Newton Dunn and Issan Ghazni with Liberal Democrats at the launch of the East Midlands European Campaign

Candidates Deborah Newton-Cook, Phil Knowles, George Smid, Bill Newton Dunn and Issan Ghazni with Liberal Democrats at the launch of the East Midlands European Campaign


The Liberal Democrat Manifesto

Bill Newton Dunn

Bill Newton DunnBill Newton Dunn is Britain’s longest serving and most experienced MEP. He has been fighting for the East Midlands in Europe for over 30 years. Bill knows how to make Europe work for the East Midlands. Bill has been a strong supporter of tough new measures to tackle cross-border crime during his time in the Parliament and has fought for more jobs and investment for the East Midlands. As our only elected Parliamentarian in the region, Bill has been a strong voice standing up for Liberal Democrat values right across the East Midlands. We need to ensure Bill is re-elected on May 22nd.

Contact Details – http://eastmidslibdems.org.uk/en/contact/bill-newton-dunn-mep


Issan Ghazni

Issan GhazniIssan was raised in Nottingham and has lived in the East Midlands since the age of three. Issan is a Professional Management Consultant, and currently Managing Director of an independent practice. Previously a Nottingham councillor and a parliamentary candidate for Nottingham East: an effective campaigner, taking a swing of +9.8% from Labour. Issan is working to defend millions of British jobs and create millions more by making trade easier.

Contact Details – http://eastmidslibdems.org.uk/en/contact/issan-ghazni


Phil Knowles

Phil KnowlesPhil is a widely experienced European businessman. A strong advocate of Community Politics he believes that it’s important for politicians to have the goal of directly connecting with the community they represent and to work hard for them. Phil joins the Liberal Democrat team in Europe that has a strong track record of fighting to secure jobs in the East Midlands and is personally committed to working in order to win additional investment into the region and with it new job opportunities for the community.

Contact Details – http://eastmidslibdems.org.uk/en/contact/phil-knowles


George Smid

George SmidGeorge is a Structural and Civil Engineer with a Master Degree in Business Administration. As an engineer he worked on a building site, in the design office and in public administration. As a manager he was involved in a number of engineering projects across various European countries. George wishes the UK to play leading role in the EU: where Britain leads others will follow, not the other way around. The motto must be: Leading not Leaving. Leaving EU is not an option it would be bad for jobs and business, bad for the environment and security – a view George is proud to share with 78% of all British businesses.

Contact Details – http://eastmidslibdems.org.uk/en/contact/george-smid

Deborah Newton-Cook

Deborah Newton-CookDeborah works in European Affairs, Deborah points out that with anti-European Conservatives questioning our EU membership, and UKIP positively hostile, we will need a vigorous pro-European Union campaign. We have peace, prosperity and the freedom to move and trade in the EU with 3 million British jobs linked to trade with the EU Deborah joins her other experienced team of Lib Dems to ensure that EU funded projects helping create jobs are secured for the Nottinghamshire and the East Midlands.

Contact Details – http://eastmidslibdems.org.uk/en/contact/deborah-newton-cook

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