Make sure Bassetlaw gets it pot holes fixed!

by Leon Duveen on 8 February, 2015

Lincoln Street 150204The Liberal Democrats, having secured £77 million in funding to fix pots holes in our roads, now need your help! Tell us where you think the money needs to be spent.

Nottinghamshire County Council have been awarded the money after a concentrated campaign by Lib Dem campaigners. Bassetlaw’s’ Lib Dem Spokesman, Leon Duveen said, “It’s great Nottinghamshire has been given this money but we need to make sure that Bassetlaw gets its fair share. As I go about the constituency, I see more and more potholes developing, especially after the freezing weather earlier this year. Labour simply has let our area down and people are angry about it. After years of neglect under both Labour & Tories, it’s time to get out roads fixed.

Councillor Jason Zadrozny, the Lib Dem leader on the County Council, said “Labour run Nottinghamshire County Council have wasted money before. We cannot let them squander this once in a life time opportunity to mend our roads once and for all.”

Leon added “We report as many as we can but need your help with this. You can text (07879 497801) or tweet (@ld4bassetlaw) the location (street name & town/village) and, if you can, a picture of the pot hole to us and we will get them reported to the County Council Highways division. We will also monitor that the problem gets fixed and keep you up to date with progress”

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