Towards an Open, Tolerant, United Nottinghamshire

by Leon Duveen on 6 February, 2017

Today, Nottinghamshire Liberal Democrats are launching their Manifesto for the 2017 County Elections.

The main themes of the Manifesto are A Greener County, A Caring County and A County which invests in the future.

Speaking earlier, Leon Duveen, the Chair of Nottinghamshire Lib Dems said:

“We are please to have a such wide range of candidate standing across the County this year, from long time Lib Dem Councillors to new members taking their first steps into local politics.  Each bring a wealth of experience and talents to the role of potential County Councillor and will make a great representative of their community. What unites is our desire to serve all those who live around us.

“We realise that there are tough times ahead for the County, with the Tory Government determined to cut its finances while push more and more responsibilities on it but only the Lib Dems are able to make the hard choices in the coming years.”

On the Environment, the Manifesto includes promises to protect the County’s Green spaces, to promote renewable energy, to fight Fracking and to improve recycling across the County.

Nottinghamshire Lib Dems also commit to support Children’s Services, to support those who need care, both at home & residential and to keep press for fairer funding from the Government for Social Care

If elected, our Councillors will work to bring investment into all parts of the County, promote training and improve public transport and for openness in in contracts with outside suppliers.   They will also campaign for the County’s farmers and other businesses to carry on receiving support from Central Government if the EU subsidies disappear after Brexit.

Leon Duveen added “This Manifest reiterates the Liberal Democrats commitment to creating an Open Tolerant & United County, to work with others who share our aims.  No one party has all the answers and a strong Liberal Democrat presence in County Hall will mean an end to ideological polices and a return to what is best for the people of Nottinghamshire”

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