A full slate of Candidates across Bassetlaw

by Leon Duveen on 4 April, 2017

For the first time in many years, everyone across Bassetlaw will have the chance to vote for a Liberal Democrat Councillor to represent them in the upcoming County Council Elections on May 4th.

“It is tremendously exciting to have candidates in every Division in our Local Party area”, said Bassetlaw & Sherwood Liberal Democrat Chair, Leon Duveen. “It is a sign of the resurgence of Lib Dems across the area that we have so many people who will make great Councillors to represent their communities in the new County Council.  Many are new members of the Lib Dems who are fighting their first election so bring a freshness and a new way of thinking to the campaign and, hopefully, their work on the Council.”

Leon added, “Across Britain, the Lib Dems have been winning Council seats at by-election after by-election, in solid Labour areas, like Rotherham, Sunderland and across the border in NE Derbyshire, and in Tory areas, like West Somerset, Kettering and Wokingham.

“Everywhere, voters are turning to Lib Dems to for hard-working responsive Councillors, now it’s the chance for voters across Bassetlaw to have that chance.

“On May 4th, we can vote for an Open, Tolerant, United Nottinghamshire by voting for a Liberal Democrat County Councillor”

The Lib Dems 2017 Nottinghamshire Manifesto commits the party to working for a Greener County, a Caring County and a County which invest in the future.


Here is the full list of those standing for the Lib Dems on May 4th in Bassetlaw

Blyth & Harworth            Alex Cowan

Misterton                           Mark Hunter

Retford East                      Stephen Ware

Retford West                    Jennie Coggles

Tuxford                              Mat Duveen

Worksop East                   Connor Savage

Worksop North                Adam Davies

Worksop South                Leon Duveen

Worksop West                 Simon Russell

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