Why I am standing to be the 1st Lib Dem MP for Bassetlaw

by Leon Duveen on 1 May, 2017

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Hi, my name is Leon Duveen and I am campaigning to become the first Lib Dem to be elected as the MP for Bassetlaw.

I am standing in this General Election to give the voters here a choice.

A choice between on one hand up to three authoritarian Brexit supporting candidates who don’t want to give you a say in our future relationship with the EU, and to be honest it won’t make much difference which you vote for,

And on the other hand, you can choose a candidate who want to give you the power to decide on the outcome of the Brexit negotiations when the details of the deal on offer become clear

At the end of the negotiations, I want you to be able to choose between accepting the deal we get, walking away from the EU with no deal or simply saying neither the deal or not having a deal are any good for the UK, we are better off staying in the EU.

We started with a democratic vote on this and it is right we end on one.

I make no secret that I believe Britain will be stronger, more prosperous and more influential if we stay in the EU, working with our partners, leading the reforms that are needed and shaping a future that will give the generations to come more freedom and more opportunities.

In this election if you want to stop the hard, damaging Brexit that Theresa May is dragging us towards, supported by Corbyn’s Labour Party & John Mann then, in this election whether you are Labour or Tory, you have a clear chance to vote to stop it.  Now is not the time to be wedded to old party loyalties but to put the future of our country first.

Finally, to the young people of Bassetlaw, including those who either didn’t vote or, shamefully, were not allowed to vote in the Referendum last year, this is your chance to tell us oldies what you want, what future you want to have.

Even if you still can’t vote then get on to your parents and grandparents to vote for your future because it is you who will have to deal with it.

Now is the chance to secure an Open Tolerant United future for us all.

To do this. please vote Lib Dem on June 8th.

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