Fracking? No No NO!

by Leon Duveen on 10 May, 2017

I don’t know if the Liberal Democrat commitment to stop Fracking, passed at our Spring Conference last year, will make it into our manifesto (although I hope & believe it will), but as it is a very live issue here in Bassetlaw, can I make clear, as I did in 2015, my total opposition to allowing any Fracking here in the North Midlands or anywhere else.

From when I helped set up “Bassetlaw Against Fracking” back in early 2014 until now I have been firmly opposed to allowing Fracking in our community.

My opposition is not simply on environmental grounds, strong and compelling though they are, it is that we simply do not need to extract oil or gas from shale rock to meet our energy needs.

In the 3rd quarters of 2016, the UK generated 50% of its electricity from low carbon sources[i].  This will only increase over the coming years eliminating the need for energy from Fracking.

Also, if we are to combat Climate Change, we must move away from using Hydrocarbons as soon as possible and move to sustainable energy sources.  This means that instead of spending money to extract marginal amounts of oil & gas from underneath us here, we need to be investing in improving the efficiency of wind (onshore & offshore), solar, tidal and other sustainable energy generation.

Fracking for oil & gas that has no place in our future energy needs is pointless so should be stopped as soon as possible.    Because of this I have signed the Frack Free United pledge to oppose Fracking.

A vote for me on June 8th is a vote against Fracking.  If elected I will do all I can to stop any Fracking in Bassetlaw and anywhere else.


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  1. David Walker says:

    I totally agree and am currently worried about the possibility of drilling just north of Loughborough.

    Ian addition to the points that you make we need to manage demand. Using gas to meet the 16:00 to 19:00 demand is increasingly unnecessary as we can: shut down freezers for an hour at a time, cut down heating for a part of this time, use batteries to keep the lights and television on. etc

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