Leon Duveen – Blyth

Lincoln Street 150204I have been active in the local Lib Dem party for a number of years and has led their campaign in recent local elections. Although born in London, I have lived in Worksop with my family for over 25 years and in addition to my party political activities have taken prominent roles in a number of local community groups including Fairtrade for Bassetlaw & Bassetlaw Against Fracking.

Traffic is increasing in all our villages with problems of speeding and parking. The new islands in Blyth (supported by local Lib-Dems) appear to be a success with improved traffic flow throughout the village. However that brings problems, with speeding vehicles on Retford Road outside the primary school. We need a 20 mph speed restriction outside St Mary & St Martin School as a matter of urgency. Throughout Blyth, the double yellow lines have encouraged speeding and I will campaign to have them reviewed and removed where necessary. Other traffic calming measures in all our villages need to be addressed as do crossing points to allow pedestrians to cross in safetyThe parking in our villages is an issue. We support car sharing for commuting, but cars left all day are using car parking space needed for village residents.  A dedicated Car Share car park at the A1(M) junction (as seen across Europe) could be the solution to this problem.

In today’s modern economy good broadband speeds are vital for business and private users alike. The Nottinghamshire Superfast Broadband programme will lead to improved speeds in Styrrup and Scooby along with part of Blyth. However addresses in Oldsters and in a large part of Blyth will have to wait until 2017 and beyond. This is unacceptable and I will campaign to for the work to be completed sooner