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The fight goes on

by Leon Duveen on 30 May, 2011

It has now been nearly a month since the elections and I have had time to catch my breath, take stock and get ready to carry on working for Lib Dems & for Worksop South. I can’t pretend that the results from the elections weren’t a disappointment, both here in Bassetlaw & across the country, […]

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Going Door to Door

by Leon Duveen on 14 April, 2011

This week I have been canvassing door to door around the Ward.  Unfortunately I won’t have time to get round to all homes in Worksop South but I will try to get to as many as possible between now and the election.  Even so I wanted to share some of my impressions so far. As […]

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On the Campaign Trail

by Leon Duveen on 30 March, 2011

Over the last two week, I have been all around the Worksop South, delivering leaflets to most of the residents of the Ward.  The only areas I haven’t been around are those areas that got leaflets in November last year.  If you haven’t had one, or want more, please contact me & I will be […]

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