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A no deal Brexit will cost Bassetlaw £430 million

by Leon Duveen on 31 October, 2017

New research by the LSE’s Centre for Economic Performance and the Liberal Democrats[1] has revealed just how damaging a no-deal Brexit will be to Bassetlaw. A no-deal Brexit will mean an economic hit of £430 million to Bassetlaw; that is nearly £3750 for every resident in the District. David Davis and other members of the cabinet […]

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John Mann has betrayed EU nationals in Bassetlaw

by Leon Duveen on 15 March, 2017

The Liberal Democrats have criticised Bassetlaw MP John Mann for voting against the right of thousands of EU nationals in Bassetlaw to stay on Monday evening, as a majority of MPs gave the final go-ahead to a hard Brexit. There are 2902 residents from elsewhere in the EU living in Bassetlaw. This includes many staff […]

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Tory smears and double dealing on EU Referendum Bill

by Leon Duveen on 30 October, 2014

The Tories are in a bind over Europe. Instead of talking up the benefits of our relationship with the EU they have let UKIP set the agenda. Instead of exposing Nigel Farage’s troupe as a one-issue party – with nothing to say on the economy, NHS or environment – they have ratcheted up their anti-Brussels […]

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Big Crunch Presidential Debate

by Leon Duveen on 30 April, 2014

Yesterday, the four leading candidates to become President of the Commission met in an English language debate to discuss the issues that face the EU in the next 5 years yet there was no (or very little) coverage of this in the UK media even though we will be voting in 3 weeks time for […]

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East Midlands Liberal Democrats have nominated a full slate of five candidates for the European Elections on May 22 2014: Bill Newton Dunn MEP, Issan Ghazni, Phil Knowles, George Smid and Deborah Newton-Cook.     The Liberal Democrat Manifesto Bill Newton Dunn Bill Newton Dunn is Britain’s longest serving and most experienced MEP. He has […]

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Yesterday in the European Parliament, MEPs voted on a key report drafted by the Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality which called for the eradication of violence against women, in particular an end to female genital mutilation. The important report which seeks to eliminate gender-based violence, calls on the European Commission to develop an […]

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Commenting on the publication of the latest round of reports in the Government’s review of EU membership Liberal Democrat MEP for the East Midlands Bill Newton Dunn said: “All the evidence is showing that being in the EU brings huge benefits to the UK economy.” “The idea that we should just pull out of our […]

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6196 jobs in Bassetlaw are dependent on Europe

by Leon Duveen on 3 November, 2013

Liberal Democrats in Bassetlaw have warned that over 6196 local jobs could be at risk if Britain leaves the European Union. According to a study undertaken by South Bank University over 3 million jobs are dependent on Britain being in the EU and could be under threat if Britain was to pull out. [1] Locally […]

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Is joining EFTA a sensible alternative?

by Leon Duveen on 22 October, 2013

Those who want us to leave the EU often suggest we could re-join EFTA & therefore the EEA (European Economic Area)  as an alternative.  An enterprising colleague from the Lib Dems took it upon himself to check with EFTA to see how easy it would be and what the implications of rejoining were.  Here is […]

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More lies & distortions from the anti-Europe brigade

by Leon Duveen on 14 October, 2013

Many of you may have read in your papers over the weekend stories (like this one in the Sunday Telegraph) purporting to be based on an EU report and claiming that there are 600,000 unemployed EU migrants in Britain claiming benefits.  This is complete nonsense and blatantly untrue and typical of the anti-EU brigade. The […]

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