Still no answer from Bassetlaw Council

by Leon Duveen on 6 March, 2012

Last night I ask the District Council if they were willing to find money to contribute towards a new Bus Station for Worksop, as the County Council has shown that it is willing to do.  Councillor Pressley responded with some nice warm words backing the idea but promises of actual action were, very sadly, missing.

The need for a new Bus Station for the town has been accepted by everyone, even our local MP has belatedly started to campaign on the issue.  As Stagecoach will not want to lose their bus garage, an alternative town centre site will need to be identified.  While possible vacant sites are few and far between, there are some and this is where the District Council could take the lead.  It needs to start working with the County Council and Stagecoach to get the issue sorted and Worksop a Bus Station.

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