Why are Labour & Conservatives afraid of public meetings?

by Leon Duveen on 24 March, 2013

Over two weeks ago, I wrote to the leaders of the Labour & Conservative parties locally suggestion that we hold a Hustings meeting ahead of the County Elections in May as “a good way to raise the profile of the elections in the area”.  As yet, I have not had a reply from either of them.

I know that no such a meeting before County Council Elections has been arranged in the past but that is no reason not to have one this year.  Perhaps the two parties are afraid of actually having to answer about their polices to members of the public or that their records in office running the County over the last 30+ years would be exposed for the disaster it has been, I don’t know.  I would have thought though that they would at least have tried to attempt to justify their refusal to hold such a meeting but no, just a complete silence on their part.

This just shows the attitude of both the Labour & Tory parties locally; they would rather keep the arguments (such as there are) between them hidden in the council meetings where no-one else bothers to listen to them than have proper open discussions in front of the public.  As the local Lib Dem Campaign Manager, and candidate in the County Council Elections, I can promise that, if at all possible, I am willing to attend public meetings in anywhere Bassetlaw  to discuss our policies (laid out in our manifesto) with members of the public.  We have nothing to hide and welcome the chance to meet those we want represent at County Hall.

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