My letter to voters

by Leon Duveen on 14 April, 2013

Dear Voter

You will shortly be voting in County Council Elections.

I am sure you have spent time carefully reading the leaflets that I and the other candidates have putting through your door and you will have noticed that our leaflets aren’t always the best printed or the glossiest.

The reason for this is we do we don’t have the support of Trades Unions or rich businessmen.  Our support comes from ordinary people who are willing to give up their time, and money, to help.  This keeps us in touch with what really matters like making sure that the money spent by the County Council, your money,  is spent wisely on helping the people of Nottinghamshire, repairing the roads, keeping Sure Start & Libraries open, helping young adults, improving the care of the elderly & disabled.

Across the country, where Lib Dems are in power in local government, there is a proud record of standing up for local people .  Now it is your chance to give Nottinghamshire that same boost that areas like Northumberland, Cambridge & Portsmouth already have by voting for a Liberal Democrat to be your County Councillor.

I trust you to make the wise choice when you cast your vote,

Yours sincerely

 Leon Duveen

Liberal Democrat Candidate for Worksop West

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