Support our call for more police in Bassetlaw

by Leon Duveen on 7 June, 2017

Two weeks ago, we launched a petition calling for better community here in Bassetlaw (you can still sign it here) to counter the growing rise in petty crime and vandalism around the District.

Since we launched the petition we have found that since March 2016, we have lost another 80 officers from Nottinghamshire Police and 18 PCSOs (see  These are the largest losses of staff in the any of the five Police Forces in East Midlands!

As usual, we here in Bassetlaw, the furthest part of the County for Nottinghamshire Police HQ, seem to suffer the most in terms of losing police on our streets.

It is time to call a halt on this.  No more excuses, no more blaming others, we in Bassetlaw deserve to have police on our streets to protect & defend us.

I am calling on whoever is elected to represent Bassetlaw later this week to work to increase the amount of police on our streets.

If I am elected as your MP, one of my first tasks will be to talk to Paddy Tipping (the Labour Police & Crime Commissioner for Nottinghamshire) and to whoever is appointed Home Secretary in the new Government to reverse the cuts and to get police back on Bassetlaw streets.

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